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May 19, 2014  

Supplied by Tuluntulu Administrator from Tuluntulu
Todays Round Up – Africa Low bandwidth

Starting off with today’s Round Up I am touching base on a different subject today. This is a subject that is a little less mainstream and not picked up as often in the big news. While most of us live in a country that is saturated with high speed internet some times we forget that. while it may be aggravating to not have that 4G in all areas of the country. There are some out there that are struggling to adapt with 50 – 256 kbps internet speeds. all the while trying to adapt streaming technology so that it can reach rural areas to further educational development as well as entertainment.
South Africa at the moment is the subject with vast open spaces mobile is really the subject here this morning in the round up. South Africa is usually dealing with speeds in the GSM/Edge Networks which ranges around 256 kbps or more on average.

According to the article that was sent to me to take a look at this morning. Africa has 63.5 mobile subscriptions per every 100 individuals and growing which is pretty good if you think about how many are reported in the US at 109.4 – Asia 88.7 – Europe 126.5

The normal technology that is used in already developed regions of the world focus highly on HD which is not a solution to a country that is still developing like Africa and this is what Tuluntulu is trying to fix.

I briefly touched base last night with a gentleman by the name of Pierre van der Hoven from Tuluntulu. Pierre who is the Founder & Main Financial Backer of Tuluntulu Which actually means “Stream” in Zulu.

Tuluntulu is aiming to solve several problems with a Platform his company built called “Artist” ( Adaptive Real Time Internet Streaming Technology ) The idea behind the platform is Adapting Real Time video on the fly for lower bandwidth areas of the world. Which would allow the same video as developed countries the possibility of reaching a new audience which would allow a reach for educational and entertainment development all at the same time.

Also allowing room for social interaction within the same frame. I took a look at the now beta for Tuluntulu which can be found on Google Play right here. And it is exciting to think about as you can see in the screen shot you have several sections for video categories sort of as a live demo.

But when you open up a option to watch tv you will notice below the video itself is the social interaction imagine direct text messaging or twitter that is built right in. Which opens the possibility of interaction between not only viewers but direct interaction of marketers with the people.

The video itself was decently smooth and audio was good as well in my testing of it. While the ultimate direction of Tuluntulu does not seem entirely clear yet as they are still in beta. But one thing is clear. If there is anything that a Cord Cutter or Streamer should be excited and proud of is using the technology to further development and helping the world at the same time. You can reach Tuluntulu with the following contact information below.